Class of 1956 - 60th Reunion Photos - From Shirley Hull

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Shirley Welcomes the Class The Setup Welcome Table
Betty McFarland Bechtel, Emily and Bob Bader, Rosalie Ernest and Jim Neiderhouser David Spitzer, Dick and Shirley Porter Barbara Yarman Fawcett, Kathi Mooney Ostrica, Janet Kyle and Richard Hall Punky Harris Cline, Mollie Deedrick Lambillotte, Jim McKee, Deanna Wright Lauer
Bob and JoAnn Rock, Cliff Neff, Dick and ShirleyPorter, Jim McKee Jim Brady, Harry and Joann Kiger Barelka Nancy Ball and Jerry Smart
Harry and Joann Kiger Barelka Bob and JoAnn Rock Cliff Neff and Melony Coffing Neff Janet Kyle and Richard Hall
Mollie Deedrick Lambillotte and Deanna Wright Lauer Janet Bumpus Jacobs and Melony Coffing Neff Shirley Hall Hull and Joann Kiger Barelka Joyce Fetter Bell and Betty McFarland Bechtel Melony Coffing Neff and Barbara Yarman Fawcet
Shirley Hall and Bob Hull Shirley Hall Hull and Dan Clark Doug Evans Jim Brady
Sam Barone, Tour Guide Bob and Shirley Hall Hull, Sam Barone Ariel Foundation Park Sculpture Ariel Foundation Park
Park Tour, Charlie McDowell, Emily,Bader, Deanna Wright Lauer, Betty McFarland Bechtel Group Having Fun, Ariel Foundation Park Tour At Park Columbia School for Kids,Shirley Hall Hull, BobRock, Betty McFarland Bechtel
Sunday Breakfast Joyce Fetter Bell, Janet Kyle and Richard Hall, Dan Clark

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