Mount Vernon High School Class of 1956 - 63rd Reunion
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 23, 24, and 25, 2019

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The 63rd Reunion is scheduled for August 23rd-25th, 2019. You should have received a 2 page letter in the mail. Click on either page to view then print the letter. We look forward to seeing you there.
The 63rd Reunion is now scheduled. Save the dates - weekend of August 23rd-25th, 2019. You should have received a postcard announcing the event. Click here or on the postcard to see an enlargement. We hope to see your there.
Updated Roster, November 26, 2018 - George Jacobs has provided an updated roster - current information about classmates. Click here to view the updated classmate information.  George has been maintaining the roster for many years.
Yearbook Online - You can browse an online version of the 1956 Forum yearbook. Click here to view it. You may need to register and pay a small fee to view it. Provided by
The 60th Reunion was a success. A recap letter from the committee was mailed to all classmates in November - click on it to view the entire letter. The Mount Vernon News published an article on October 3rd about the reunion - click the article to view an enlargement. Click the group photo to view an enlargement with names of the 32 classmates who attended. Click any of the other photos to view a collection contributed by Shirley Hull, Jim McKee, Bob Rock, Kathi Ostrica or Joyce Fetter Bell..
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Made the Newspaper
Click to read a full size version of the news article. Provided by Joyce Fetter Bell.
The Group - Click to enlarge.
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Shirley welcomes her classmates. Click to view Photos Click to view Shirley Hull Photos Click to view Jim McKee Photos
Click to view Bob Rock Photos Click to view Kathi Ostrica Photos Click to view Joyce Fetter Bell Photos.

Vernon Johnson Paintings

The Historical Society of Mount Vernon is attempting to locate and preserve all of the original paintings of Vernon Johnson. Click here, or on the photo, for more information about the search. Information provided by Bob Rock. Pitkins Corner - Vernon Johnson

Prior Year Reunion Photos

55th Reunion September 2011 Click here or on the photo to view prior year reunion group photos.

55th Reunion Snapshots

Jim McKee, Shirley Hull and John LevensonClick here to view 55th reunion snapshots supplied by various classmates.


Graduation Day Graduation Day
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In the Photo:
78 Girls
68 Boys
146 Total

Click to view 'then and now' photos. Photos - Click here to see
'then and some now' photos.
Bill and Marvel AppletonBob and Emily BaderNancy [Ball] and Jerry SmartChuck BanningDixie and Marge [Barncord] DuganBob Berry
Tom and Donna BrownGeorge and Janet [Bumpus] JacobsDan and Mary Jane ClarkMelony [Coffing] and Cliff NeffMaxine [Cunningham] HuffmanEd, Brandon, Bert [Curry] Hofman
Gary and Betty DaubenspeckRoger and Chrystal [Conant] RardinPeggy [Cox] WiseGeorge and Helen Colgin with Sheba and CoCoMarcia [Davies] McMahonKen and Diana DeWittRose [Ernest] and Jim NeiderhouserGeorge Ellis
Marsha (Devin) KahrlDoug and Connie EvansJoyce [Fetter] BellLarry and Grace FoglePat [Frost] and Dave WyantLaurel and Hank GreerDon and Mary Jo [Greene] MoodyMarita [Grubb] and Jack Freer
Pat [George] and Jim CherryholmesJanet [Kyle] and Richard HallMaud [Mansen] and Glenn PiarBev [Main] and Ron WeanDick HaasNancy [Hagan] Sena
Barbara [Hall] and Dick MillShirley [Hall] and Bob HullJean [Hall] and Glen [Buzz] BlairLarry RebichJoan [Higgins], Rich and Jim RaymondEllis Hite and Joann Moore
Ron and Betty [Humbert] SpearmanHoward IrickIke and Janet [Johnson] CoeHarry and Joann [Kiger] BarelkaLarry KrepsTom McCartneyBetty [McFarland] and Dean BechtelJim McKee
Bob and Gene MelcherSam and Saundra [Miller] McQueenHarold and Nicky MilliganRay and Carolyn OgbornJerry and Jim OhdeKathi [Mooney] OstricaBill and Britt Pritchett
Judy and Bob PolandShirley and Dick PorterJoAnn and Bob RockAnn RiceColleen [Reese] PowellMartha [Rine] and Charles AlmackShelda RobertsonMaragret [Rowe] and Bud Burke
Sandra [Silvis] GireJeff and Rose Anne ShamanskyBill and Sheila ShoultsDavid and Joyce [Snow] SwihartDavid and Beverly SpitzerTanya [Stuller] and Tom LeveringSandy [StJohn] and Don Wagstaff and Grand Children
Marjorie [Young] and Eugene McManisJulie [Theibert] BormanJoe and Norma Jean ToddNewman and Ann TomesGale and Mary Lou UllmanJudy [Van Doren] and Jim Brainard
Marcia [Verson] and Jack Lahart and FamilyDeanna [Wright] LauerDick WrightBarbara [Yarman] Woodward and Dick FawcettJim and Linda WarehamJohn and Lilly Young with Maria (youngest daughter)
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to view their high school photo.
These photos were submitted in 2006.

Deceased Classmates

  Click here for a list of deceased classmates.

Senior Class History
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Bob Rock - Scrapbook - Letter

Bob Rock Scrapbook CoverBob Rock created a scrapbook which he displayed at the 45th class reunion in 2001. Most of the pages contain clippings of the spectacular basketball team. There are a few pages of the baseball team, one of the football team and one showing tickets to a Cleveland Browns football game. Click here to view the scrapbook.

Bob Rock describes his baseball career and the career of other local athletes in a letter. Click here to view the letter and newspaper clippings.

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The Committee

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