Class of 1956 - Mt. Vernon High School Sports Careers
From a letter by Bob Rock - January 7, 2006

The following letter from Bob Rock is a reply to the question: "Did you or any of the other classmates continue your sports careers? You had quite a good pitching record. Did you play college ball?"

I did continue playing some baseball up until I was about 28 within the "Semi-Pro" level. This implies or includes some players that had played in the pro's at some level and came back down. Example: A player named Maury Fisher played 6 months with the Cincinnati Reds in 1958 and was released, came back home and played on the team in Mansfield where I played. I played in Mansfield for about 7 years plus in Mt Vernon. Some highlights:
  • 1959 had the privilege of winning 10 games - no defeats
  • 1960 pitched a one hitter striking out 15 in the state finals
  • Overall (in Mansfield) 50 wins and 11 loses
  • Had 3 'no hit' games
  • Struck out as many as 19 in one game

I didn't attend college nor did I have a change to play pro-ball. I had satisfactory success, but not quite good enough.

Fred Hayes was always really nice to me and he wrote a summary of my playing days that was included in the Mount Vernon News, April 1967. I've included a copy. [Click here to view the article.]

As for other in our class in sports, I don't know. Each of us went in so many directions, news very seldom filtered down.

Of course we would like to include Richie Hoyt and his basketball career with Ohio State and the National championship in 1960, but he was in the class of 1957. Larry Siegfried on the same team with Richie, lived in Shelby, and he played on our ball team in Mansfield during the summer one year. He played with the Boston Celtics for 10 years.

Bob Rock



Updated 2006/02/20