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Marsha (Devin) Kahrl Marsha [Devin] Kahrl
Doug and Connie Evans Doug, Connie, Joshua, Ian Evans Douglas B. Evans
Doug and Connie Evans
and sons Joshua and Ian
At the 60th Reunion. At the 60th Reunion.
Jean [Hall] and Glen (Buzz) Blair Norma Jean [Hall] - Deceased, April 5, 2012
and Glen [Buzz] Blair
Jean Blair and Sons Jean Blair and Sons
David and Beverly Spitzer David A. Spitzer
and Beverly Spitzer
At the 60th Reunion. At the 60th Reunion.
He was stationed on the USS Beatty.
Marjorie [Young] and Eugene McManis Marjorie [Young] McManis
and Eugene McManis
Patricia [George] Cherryholmes Pat and Jim Cherryholmes and Great Grand Kids Pat [George] and Jim Cherryholmes
Great Grand Children:
Jaydon, Caitlynn and Corbin Graham
Hank Greer - Cleveland Heights High School Graduation Photo
Laurel and Hank Greer
Greer Family
Hank and Laurel Greer
Hank moved from Mount Vernon after his freshman year.

Hank reports: The family photo is of our sons Jon and Chris and their families. Front row: grandchildren, Evan, Ryan, Hayden, Reid, and Paige. Second row: Lauren (Chris' wife), Karen (Jon's wife) Laurel (my wife), and Jon (son). Back row: Chris (son) and me.

The daughters-in-law happen to be sisters. The families live a block away from each other in Moorestown, NJ. The guys work together in the investment advisory firm they started with four other men.

Click here for a brief biography of Hank and Laurel.

Zaida Henthorn Zaida [Henthorn] Bevington - Deceased, December 13, 1993

Howard Irick Howard Irick Howard Irick, moved from
Mount Vernon after his junior year.
Newman Tomes Newman and Ann Tomes Newman and Ann Tomes
Jim Wareham Jim and Linda Wareham Jim and Linda Wareham
Deceased, May 26, 2016

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Roderick Conkle
Floyd Lionelle Devore
George E. Hartman, Deceased, March 26, 2006
Winfred C. Knohl, Deceased, November 20, 2014
Ronald E. Thomas, Deceased, February 15, 2006

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