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Leonard and Mary Lou Ullman Gale Ullman
and Mary Lou Ullman
Judy and James Brainard Judith [Van Doren] Brainard
and James Brainard
Marcia [Verson] and Jack Lahart and Family Marcia Lee [Verson] Lahart

The most recent (taken May, 2004) photo of our family. Sitting with me is my husband, Jack. Standing between us is our granddaughter, Wellsely (age 2 1/2 yrs). Standing on the left is our son Brian with his wife Meg. Standing on the right is our son Brad with his wife Kim. Standing between them is our grandson, Dawson (age 5 3/4 yrs). The grandchildren are Brad's. Since the picture was taken Brian and Meg have had twins. Adam and Jillian were born March 25, 2005. Brian and his family live 5 miles from us. Brad and his family live in a suburb of Dallas. Marcia Lee [Verson] Lahart

Martha Jean [Wells] Frary
Deceased, February 16, 2015
Carolyn Sue [Williams] Jarrett - Deceased, February 17, 2009
Patricia Ann [Wilson] Gullett - Deceased 1957
Bud Woodward - Deceased August 2003
Deanna Lee [Wright] Lauer Deanna Lee [Wright] Lauer
Attached is a picture for the website.
Really enjoying the website.
Thanks !!
Dick Wright Richard [Dick] Lee Wright
Deceased June 18, 2014
  Barbara [Yarman] Woodward and Dick Fawcett Barbara Yarman Fawcett at 60th Class Reunion Barbara Joan [Yarman] Woodward
and Dick Fawcett
Barbara at the 60th Class Reunion
John, Lilly, Maria (youngest daughter) John H. Young
John and Lilly with
Maria, youngest daughter
Christine (oldest daughter) and her family. Eight grandchildren. Christine (oldest Young daughter)
and her family. Eight grandchildren.
John with sister Linda at the 60th reunion. John with sister Linda
at the 60th reunion.

Iris Marie Zschocher - Deceased 1984

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