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Colleen [Reese] Powell Colleen R. [Reese] Powell
Ann Rice Patricia Ann Rice, Deceased, September 25th, 2006

Carroll Allen Rine - Deceased, January 27, 2004

Martha [Rine] and Charles Almack Martha Rae [Rine] Almack
and Charles Almack
Taken on vacation, New England
Sept. 2005
Shelda Robertson Shelda Jean Robertson
At the 60th reunion Bob and Jim Brady at the 60th reunion Robert S. Rock and JoAnn in May 2001
At the 60th reunion and with Jim Brady.
Christmas 2018 - Bob's family. He writes: MERRY CHRISTMAS ..2018.................To all of you that have or about to reach that magic number of ......80...... I passed that number 30 days ago.............I haven't noticed a difference yet ????? It will be O.K. if it stays this way... However when I look in the morning paper most of the people that have turned to that age GET their names listed..... I see quite a few cars with the slogan "LIFE IS GOOD" WRITTEN ON THE BACK ????? There must be something really "good" going on somewhere?????? Let me share a pic, with you. (Some are missing) ............. Merry Christmas...........& Happy New Year Bob & JoAnn Rock
Bob's family Nov, 2005, Bob's Mustang.

JoAnn was from Fredricktown, class '58.
She was a Frazier and first cousin to Bill and Tom Frazier.

Click here to see Bob's high school sports scrapbook.

JoAnne and Bob Rock 1960 - Bob says: This 1960 'selfie' was taken with a 'little' Kodak brownie while on our honeymoon in Va. 65 Years Selfie - Bob and JoAnn 2015
Rock Family
Rock Family Caption
Lindsay Pearson
Lindsay Pearson
Margaret [Rowe] and Bud Burke Margaret Anne [Rowe] Burke
and Bud Burke

Marjorie Louise [Sanner] Brose
LaRue [Schorr] Arnold
Linn E. Sellers - Deceased 1990

Jeff and Rose Anne Shamansky Jeffrey (Jeff) M. Shamansky - Deceased, December 25, 2009
and Rose Anne Shamansky
Bill and Sheila Shoults William (Bill) E. Shoults - Deceased, October 21, 2012
and Sheila E. Shoults

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