Class of 1956 - Forum Page 140 - Ogborn to Rardin

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Ray and Carolyn Ogborn Raymond [Ray] Clay Ogborn
and Carolyn Ogborn
Deceased, January 28, 2016
Jim and Jerry Ohde James [Jim] Edwin Ohde
and Jerry Ohde
Disney World, Florida  Christmas 2005
Deceased, January 19, 2017

Felicie Ann [Paques] McDougall
Richard Pealer - Deceased, September 10, 1983

Judy and Bob Poland Robert [Bob] G. Poland
and wife Judy
Dick and Shirley Porter Richard [Dick] D. Porter
and wife Shirley

Judith Pamela Porter - Deceased, January 20, 2004

Bill Pritchett Click for More Info William [Bill] P. Pritchett, Jr
with wife Britt Christmas 2005
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Charles "Chuck" Wilfred Ransom
Deceased, February 8, 2018

Janet Louise [Ransom] Cunningham
Martha [Kay] Carolyn [Rapp] Drake
Chrystal and Roger Rardin Roger N. Rardin with Chrystal in Alaska and at home.

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