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Janet R. [Kyle] Hall and Richard
At the 60th reunion. Janet and Richard at the 60th reunion.
William Mike Lee - Deceased, January 18, 1969
John A. [Levenson] Albert - Deceased, June 3, 2016
Hester [London] McNabb
Charlotte Juanita [Loney] Bean - Deceased January 12, 2008
Ron and Bev Wean Beverly Kay [Main] Wean
and Ron Wean

February 23, 2011

Maud M. [Mansen] and Glenn Piar
Maud M. [Mansen] and Glenn Piar at the Regan Library
Kirk and Grandma
Youngest grandson, Kirk, 2004
"Please grandma you are in my road "move" here I go--broom, broom"
Glenn and Katie on a Camel
Grandchildren: Glenn and Katie [brother/sister of Kirk]
On a camel at Medina Fair
Lorin [Larry] Eldred Marble - Deceased, February 18, 1998
Roger [Bud] L. Massa - Deceased, December 9, 2014
Tom McCartney Tom McCartney Letter - Click to Read Thomas Lynn McCartney
Click the letter for a brief bio.
Charles McDermott - Deceased, December 9, 1980
Nancy and Charlie McDowell, Married 55 Years Charles Phillip McDowell
Nancy and Charlie Married 55 years.

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