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Muriel Jo Ann [Harris] Cline
Larry in the Army in 1963 Larry G [Henry] Rebich
Lieutenant Larry in the Army in ~1963
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Larry Rebich, daughter Lynette Fenical, son Charlie Rebich Larry Rebich, daughter Lynette Fenical
son Charlie Rebich, April 2006

Larry's 76th Birthday with his kids, grandkids.

The children: Ari, Ashley, Brady.
The adults: Shana, son Charlie, Larry,
daughter Lynette Fenical, son-in-law Scott Fenical
October 2014.

Larry has spent the past few winters in Indio, CA
at the Rancho Casa Blanca Golf and RV Resort.
An aerial photo of the motor coach on pad 357.
November 2014.

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Joan (Higgins), Rich and Jim Raymond Joan Lee [Higgins] Raymond
Joan (Higgins), son Rich and Jim Raymond

Deceased, January 2, 2016.

Joan (Higgins) Raymond with Sophie and Sarah

Joan (Higgins) Raymond with Sophie and Sarah
Ellis Hite and Joann Moore Ellis Hite and Joann Moore
Click here to view Ellis and Joann on 'the bike'
Deceased, November 2015.
David L. Hulse
Ron and Betty Spearman At the 60th Reunion Betty Lou [Humbert] Spearman
and Ronald Spearman
and at the 60th reunion.

Deceased, March 21, 2017

Sue Carole Hyatt
Barbara Jean [Jacquet] Lerner - Deceased, September 29, 1997
Janet Ilene [Johnson] Coe and John [Ike] Coe
Harry and Joann [Kiger] Barelka Joann [Kiger] and Harry Barelka
Joann and Harry Barelka
with grandsons
Mathew 15 and Andrew 12
Youngest son, Richard with
Sandy (dog) and Santa (Harry)
 At the 60th reunion Harry and Joann at the 60th reunion.
Richard E. Kimble - Deceased, July 11, 2008
Larry Kreps Lawrence Charles Kreps, Jr.

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